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Since 1999 OTX-West has provided over:

  • 15,000 computers to Oakland Public School families free of charge
  • 20,000 computers to Oakland Public School classrooms and community access labs across Oakland
  • Over 1,000 laptop computers to students and community members in Oakland
  • Diverted over 700 tons of electronic waste from landfills for productive use or responsible recycling

OTX West is dedicated to eliminating the digital divide in Oakland, California. We seek to enhance educational opportunities and increase the accessibility of technology to low-income members of our community. OTX West recognizes the need for people of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds to gain access to the digital word by owning a home computer and acquiring technological knowledge and skills in steps toward individual self-sufficiency and empowerment.

The organization also employs an environmentally sustainable, re-use model by refurbishing donated personal computers and other technological equipment, and supplying them to new broadband subscribers that successfully complete our training class. We take proactive measures to directly confront persisting inequalities by teaching basic computer skills to parents and children and providing ongoing technical support free of charge.

OTX West is a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher


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OTXWest is Changing its Offering for
Home Computers.

In the past, we have offered a free home computer to any high school or middle school student who attends our three hour class with a parent.
Our new offering will be a more targeted offering intended to close the digital divide in Oakland.

Our new offering will be a free home computer to any family that is a new broadband subscriber, including all elementary schools students. A new broadband subscriber is defined as a household that has NEVER had broadband.

We will also offer a $50 reduction in the price of any of our high quality refurbished computers to those who are reconnecting after not having broadband for two years or more.  Any other family is welcome to buy a computer from us starting at $100.  All computers are Windows 7 Professional complete systems (computer, keyboard, monitor, mouse, cables, manual and tech support).

We also have upgraded computers with additional features up to $200.

OTXWest is also working with the East Bay Connects Contact Center to provide $10 per month broadband. You can call 866-460-7439


Bruce Buckelew
Director, OTXWest

THCP for New Broadband Subscribers Registration for 7/21 5:30-8:30pm

Classes are posted on our calendar below. Check for the next available class and register here or call us at: 510-893-4822

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